Monday, February 24, 2014

5 Tips for a Great Mother of the Groom Speech

Mother of the Groom Speech
Marriages have a small part where the parents are expected to give speeches; these speeches are done to welcome the bride and groom into the family. It’s also a place where a little advice is passed on to the newly married couple. The advises are framed to help them face the journey called marriage. The speech is also made to thank all those who have done all that they can to make the marriage a grand success. This makes the mother of the groom’s speech a memorable moment of the entire ceremony.

The mother of the groom speech is sought after by everyone in the occasion. The daughter-in-law and mother-in-law’s relationship is known for its controversial nature. The speech has to be given in such a way that everyone should enjoy it and talk about. It has to avoid controversy and a good start is more than vital. So, when you are about to make the mother of groom speech there are certain points which you should be very careful about. Always take some extra effort to avoid these mistakes!

5 Tips for a Great Mother of the Groom Speech

1.      Stop hogging the limelight: - Weddings are big days and memorable moments for the bride and the groom. It’s their special day and you shouldn’t take anything away from them. Dress up appropriately. You should look pretty but there should be no sign of over dressing or going over the top.

2.      Don’t talk about yourself: - Talking about the past is good but if you go on and on about yourself, it will become monotonous. There is an entire generation of differences between your way of life and the newly married ones. Quoting an event or two from the past will give it a family bonding but then you need to find the perfect balance.

3.      Don’t bring out embarrassing facts about the bride or groom: - Talking about events which maybe funny in your eyes can be embarrassing for the couple is best when avoided. Your speech is something that everybody will listen to and will remember; thus, try to say positive facts!

4.      Don’t forget or leave out anybody: - Friends and relatives love to be acknowledged for all that they have done. Make a list and ensure that you don’t forget anybody. In case of any doubts add a line at the end, thanking all those whom you have forgotten to mention.

5.      Don’t take more than five minutes: - A joyous occasion as a marriage means everyone will be excited and looking forward to have fun. Make your speech in such a way that they will listen to you and not feel being tied down. Short, crisp, humorous and filled with love speeches is what you should plan. Avoid repeating sentences, saying the same thing again and again in different words, spelling out harsh words or negative phrases.

When you take care of these points; all bugs that could affect your speech would disappear. Consequently, your positive approach in the mother of the groom speech would reach one & all in the big occasion! 

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  1. Hello! I just finished reading your article and I enjoyed it a lot. My older brother is getting married next month and my mom is worried about the wedding speech she'll be expected to makre. She said she has a lot of other things to manage for the wedding and said I could do the speech instead. I was searching for some best man speeches right now when I saw your blog. I think it's great and I'm definitely going to persuade my mom to make the speech instead of me.